January 18, 2016

Final Project

For your final project, you will propose and undertake a digital project that addresses a specific topic related to digital labor or technological work. Types of projects may include, but are not exclusive to: potential projects include: research paper, digital book, infographic, video essays, timeline. You may work individually or in groups. If you work in groups, your proposal must outline each persons’ contribution to the group dynamic.

The mandatory work for a complete project includes:

  1. Project Pitch + Proposal (500 words) 5%
  2. White Paper 10%
    1. This 1000 word document expands the work undertaken in the proposal with original research that includes:
      1. Environmental scan (existing research) and projects that tackle this topic
      2. An analysis of the existing scholarship, its fields, perspectives, and presentations
      3. Your topic/argument/contribution to the field
  3. Final Project + presentation 15%
    1. In addition to the digital object you create, you will need a 250 word abstract to accompany your project in our course repository
    2. You will give a Pecha Kucha about your project on the final day of class

Project pitch (5 minutes in class)Tuesday, January 19th
You will have five minutes to pitch your idea to the class. (You will be timed!) You can use any format you want (slides, skit, poster, infographic, etc.). Your goal is to convince the class that your project is a good idea. Since you only have 5 minutes, you have to succinctly explain the topic, format, and your goal you will undertake for your final project. Be sure to address the following: how does this relate to digital labor? What work has been done on the topic? What form/medium/platform will your project use? Why that form/medium/platform? Why is it a great idea?

Project proposal (500 words) – Wednesday, January 20th

With feedback from your pitch session, write a more detailed project proposal to be turned in to your professor. This narrative outlines:

  • the topic you wish to address
  • the project you propose
  • the type of work to be undertaken, how you plan to implement your idea
  • tools you will be using
  • the contribution that your project will be making to histories of digital labor
  • tools list (a tentative list of tools you might use for this project)

Digital Project Rubric

Your final projects will be evaluated using the above rubric. Following the submission of grades, you will be able to pick up your white paper with the rubric and final grade. Click through the link above to view the rubric.