November 17, 2015


Week 1: Technology Industries & Workers

*For readings not hyperlinked below, refer to the Readings page.

What is technology work?


David Streitfield, “Lawsuit Shakes Foundation of a Man’s World of Tech

Xeni Jardin, “NYT – Men Invented the Internet

Soraya Chemaly, “NYT Just Doesn’t Get It: Men, Women, the Internet

Tara Conley, “The Women and People of Color Who Invented the Internet

Carl Mitcham: Excerpts from Thinking Through Technology: The Path Between Engineering and Philosophy

Start: The Bletchley Circle

Lecture by Sofia



Film screening

Why Does Digital Labor Matter Now” Trebor Scholz

Patricia Williams, “On Being the Object of Property”;

Thomas Jepsen, “Women in the Telegraph Industry” and “Women Telegraphers and the Labor Movement” from My Sister is Telegraphic

Due: Student User Agreement Quiz (In Moodle)

Finish: The Bletchley Circle

Film Screening


Top Secret Rosies

Excerpts from Walter Isaacson, The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution.

Blog Post Reading Response 1 Due

Materiality of Technology  

Signal Tracks” by Nicole Starosielski

“‘Where the Internet lives’: Data Centers as Cloud Infrastructure” by Jennifer Holt and Patrick Vonderau

“A Material History of Bits” by Jean-François Blanchette

“Buried, Bundled, & Behind Closed Doors” by Ben Mendelsohn*


John Perry Barlow, “Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace”

Barbrook and Cameron, “The Californian Ideology”

Karen Hossfeld, “Contradictions against Sex, Race, and Class in Silicon Valley

Kevin Rose, “Does Silicon Valley Have a Contract-Worker Problem?”



Wikipedia Essentials & Wikipedia Editing Basics Due


Week 2: Bodies/Body Shops/Embodiment


Chela Sandoval, “New Sciences, Cyborg Feminism and Methodology of the Oppressed”

A. Aneesh. Excerpt from Virtual Migration.

Podcast Proposals Due


Elizabeth Grosz, “Feminism, Materialism, and Freedom”

Close Reading of existing Wikipedia article

FemTechNet Video Dialogue: “Feminism, Technology, and Labor”

Why we protest the ‘Google’ buses” by Michael Barnes

The Case Against the Sharing Economy” by Susie Cagle

Explore the following sites:

In-class time to work on Podcast

 Film Screening Transmission;

Pillars of Wikipedia

The Ladies Vanish” by Shawn Wen

The Laborers who keep dick picks and beheadings out of your Facebook Feed” by Adrian Chen

Screening: Sleep Dealer

Blog Post Reading Response 2 Due


Anda’s Game” by Cory Doctorow

Anita Sarkeesian, “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games”

Lisa Nakamura, “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: The Racialization of Labor in World of Warcraft

Lisa Nakamura, “‘It’s a Nigger in here! Kill the Nigger!: User-Generated Media Campaigns Against Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Digital Games.”

Gamergate article on Wikipedia

Field Trip Field Trip to Kleinrock Center for Internet Studies

Final Proposal Due

Evaluating Articles and Sources Due (Wikipedia)


Week 3: Envisioning Future Work

Edit Wikipedia Finish discussion of Transmission

Bohr Maker;

Quinn Norton, “On Moving Lines and Network Life”

Mimi Thi Nguyen, “Against Efficiency Machines”

Howard Rheingold, “Net Smart” (excerpt)

Podcast Due

Bohr Maker;

Lisa Nakamura, “Economies of Digital Production in East Asia: iPhone Girls and International Circuits of Cool

Bohr Maker;

Joe Yanick, ”What it’s like to write for content farms, from Brooklyn to the Philippines”

Adding to Wikipedia Articles & Sources (In-class)

Due in class: Final Project Pitch 

Final Blog Post Reading Response Due by Midnight

 Film Screening Bohr Maker:

Lisa Nakamura, “Indigenous Circuits: Navajo Women and the Racialization of Labor in Early Electronic Manufacture.”

Screening: Mad Max: Fury Road

Bohr Maker

Travis Marshall, “How members of the burgeoning digital workforce are protecting themselves from exploitation”



Final Pecha Kucha Presentations

Final Projects Due