Abstract Final Video

Sean Kenny

History of the Book – Abstract


This video outlines the chronological discoveries and inventions that led up to the modern day “book.” The video looks at all the different forms that the written word was found even dating back to the ancient Egyptians. The video does not contain and videography but rather a compilation of images related to the script of the video and correlates to it over time. The video focuses on a few important populations: The Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Early East Asians, Greeks and Romans and eventually leading up to more time periods such as the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras and eventually leading up to the more contemporary books and works. There is also an emphasis placed on the materials that were used to be inscribed upon and what tool was used in order to make that inscription. There is only a little focus on the value of books and how there is value placed upon them and to whom would this value actually constitute any meaning or depth of knowledge.

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