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In the article, “Why You Need Digital Know-How—Why We All Need It”, the author talks about the media “infiltrating” our daily lives. It is difficult not to draw parallels between this article and the book, The Bohr Maker, where the themes are very obvious and similar to one another. For example, in the book, technology has literally forced its way into the real lives of people to the point where the artificial being of a person takes on a personality and feelings of its own. In turn, the Commonwealth representing the governing body of technology strive to keep humans safe from the terror of furthering their tech. The author even goes so far as using the phrase, “the multifold extension of human minds”, which perfectly describes the artificial human life in The Bohr Maker. Nikko is a perfect example of this extension of the human mind, existing as a direct product of one of the Makers in the story. Power is also discussed, reminding us that we as human beings have an immense amount of power and we must be constantly mindful of the control we have in both the physical and digital worlds. Not only should human beings keep in mind the power they have over technology, but


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