Final Abstract

Our project focuses on breaking barriers within the gaming community, including the gender gap and the typical gamer stereotypes. We decided to create a short film that is comprised of four interviews that we conducted. The main point was to get people’s thoughts and reactions to a series of questions, and we had hoped that they could help us create a solution to these problems. Two females and two males were asked if they were gamers, and what they thought the stereotypical gamer looked like. We then got into some more serious material, like the issues of the hyper sexualized female characters in these games. After we touched on that, we showed them a short video where a boy was playing his game, and his mother appeared in the background for a short two seconds, and immediately disgusting chats started coming through. Other gamers were asking this boy for nude pictures of his mom and some were even asking him to rape her! It was shocking to say the least, and our interviewees thought the same. After seeing this video we wanted them to be more aware of what is actually happening in the gaming world, and why the relationship between male and female gamers is so terrible at the moment. At the end we asked for solutions to these problems, and although everyone was very opinionated and helpful with the other questions, this one they seemed to struggle. We received some good suggestions, but what really came out of it was the fact that this problem is going to be a lot harder to solve than we thought…

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