Insourcing Digital Labor

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Project: OMGDigitalLabor

This project is comprised of an infographic as well as a Tumblr page centered around digital labor. This Tumblr page is focused on various aspects of digital labor. Some of these aspects include women in the tech industry, historical figures that contributed to the field of math and science, as well as other forms of digital labor like content moderators. This Tumblr page aims to convey the diversity and complexity of what is considered digital labor. The infographic created to accompany the Tumblr page highlights the work of Navajo women at a semiconductor manufacturing plant. This infographic uses a variety of secondary and primary sources to pique the interest of the audience. While there is very little scholarly work outside of that of Lisa Nakamura, the goal of this piece is to encourage individuals to read her work and investigate further. This infographic attempts to make her work easy to understand and accessible on a variety of platforms. Throughout this assignment, I have contributed a significant amount of digital labor in the creation of both the Tumblr page in which I was participating a larger community of individuals, highlighting the work of others at no cost. In addition, in the creation of the infographic I spent a significant amount of time on the design and flow of the image, going on to produce content. The two pieces of this project complement each other well and highlight the diversity of digital labor.

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